Bank of Thailand
       Head office,Bangkok
    Central World Tower
    Quality House
       Head office,Bangkok
    The JW Marriott resort
       And spa,Phuket
    Phuket Acadia Hotel
    Le Meridian Kaolak
    Plaza Athenee,Bangkok
    Big C, Lotus and
       Makro Supercenter
    Sanmigel Factory
    Cadbury Adams Factory
    Thai Cane Paper Factory
    Interested Projects
    Government Interested
    Plant Interested Projects
    Commercial Interested
The company has dedicated itself to be a quality products distributor. Along with the nation's industrial and business growth, we feel it is our duty to improve and enhance the quality of life of Thai society. This is reflected in the solid, up-to-date technical and quality product base of the Company.
   Water Pump

 Compressor  Chain
   Fire Pump

 Controller  Coupling
   Self- Primer Pump and    Submersible Pump

 Dryer-Filter  Gear